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How to join Team Knuckle Draggerz

Thank you for your interest in our team, Team Knuckle Draggerz, also known as TKD. We are always looking for new members, be it a seasoned veteran, first timer, male, female, young or old. You can find friends here! 

Although TKD has roots in paintball, we are also branching out into other sports as well, such as Airsoft and Real Steel Competition.

Here are the requirements to join our team: 

  • Our membership is open to anyone age 10 and older.
  • However, if you are between 10 and 18, you and your parent or legal guardian must join at the same time for legal and safety reasons.
  • You must be able to play with integrity, fair play and honesty.
  • You must be able to have your own transportation.
  • You should have your own gear, unless you are new to the sport that TKD participates in.

This is the process to join our team:

  1. First, if you have not done so, register on our website and start posting.  Be active on our forum and let us know that you are interested in meeting with us and eventually joining our ranks.
  2. PLEASE NOTE:  Registering on our site DOES NOT mean you are automatically a TKD member.  It is a way for you to interact on our site, to ask questions and to find out what's going on with the team.
  3. Once we get to know you on our forums, we will invite you to join us at the next big game or scenario. This way we can see you in person and get to know you more on how you play and how you present yourself on and off the field. Also, it will give you a chance to see how our team is and if we are the team right for you. This is sort of a meet and greet.
  4. If the team feels that you exhibit what we value in gameplay: fair play, honesty and good sportsmanship, then we will send you our new team member application to be filled out and it will continue from there.

There are some things for you to take into consideration before you continue:

We are looking for players that enjoy whatever sport that TKD will play as a whole.  We maybe competative, but we are not out to win prizes or do what it takes to win the game (any type of cheating whatsoever).  If you are looking for a group of people that like to have fun and you can enjoy our humor, then we are the team for you and we hope that you are the player we are looking for.

Any sport that involved physical activity can be fun, but it is not without risk of bodily injury. Players must follow the basic safety rules and use common sense.

Regardless of which sport you play, the cost to play could be expensive, so you definitely have to consider the costs. Being a part of a team requires participation and dedication, both personally and financially. 

Although you don't have to attend every event, do understand that some participation is required both on the team forum and attending events. Sometimes events can take places are all weekend: from Friday to Sunday. Sometimes it is only 1 day. Sometimes we will hold practices, trainings or meetings. We may even run or help out in an event!

You have express to join our team for a reason and we do hope that you become an integral part of our team and strive to attend as many events as possible and be a contributor on our forums, but we will understand when you can't.


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